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Kohler Kingston toilet, new standard wax, new bolts, caps, toilet supply, removal and disposal of an old toilet. Does not include angle stop or closet flange if found defective upon toilet replacement. Comfort or standard height or mix and match bowls. Cost everyday $560 plus tax for the first toilet, each additional $280. Savings of $280 per additional install. 12 months parts and labor warranty. 12"rough, 1.28 gpm

Raleigh Drain Cleaners

Don't call a drain cleaning company in Raleigh that is not licensed to repair your issue.


Don't call a plumbing company that does not have the experience of a drain cleaning company, call a company that can handle both, all in one!

Bee Plumbing and Backflow offers the best of both trades.



Our drain machine is designed to handle several different sizes of reels to provide the operator with flexibility of cable size and length.

The Power Cable Feed and Return also feeds and returns cable automatically at steady pace.

This helps service technicians run long lengths of cable in and out of drain lines.

This machine is recommended for use on main lines, industrial, commercial, residential jobs including overhead and wall cleanouts, flood drains, grease and roots

Drain Cleaning Raleigh

Do you have a drain stoppage in Raleigh? We come fully prepared for any type of stoppage.

We have multiple professional series machines that will handle any hard stoppage in any size pipe.

Your plumber can't clear it? Call us! Not only will we try to clear it but we can also visually inspect the issue with one of our camera systems.

We are not like the other guys, we give you a dvd and the exact location of your issue so you can get competitive bids. We have no reason to lie to our customers!

From grease, to roots, to years of buildup, we can handle it fast, effieciently and professionally.

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