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Hydro-Jetting in Raleigh is very important when a regular sewer equipment cannot clean the drain or sewer line. First we perform a video camera inspection that tells us if the sewer or a drain is broken and then we use a hydro-jetter

If the sewer is broken we use the no dig technology to replace it

Hydro-Jetting Power Clears Pipes Safely


Clogged or slow-draining pipes make your life miserable. When many homeowners experience this problem, they reach for a plunger or harsh chemicals in an attempt to get things moving smoothly once more. If they fail to work or the drains continue to clog or slow down over and over again, you need professional assistance. Qualified plumbers have an innovative approach to smooth pipe flow: hydro-jetting. 


With this high-tech system, you can forget about back-breaking effort or dangerous chemical solutions that can actually damage your pipes more. Hydro-jetting offers a safe and effective alternative. Best of all, the experienced and knowledgeable technicians who perform these duties can frequently take care of things in just one visit.


How Does Hydro-Jetting Work?


A trained professional introduces a special high-tech hose into the drain that is causing the problem. This hose propels itself through the pipe using backward-facing water jets. When it reaches an obstruction of any type, the plumber can turn on an exceptionally powerful front-facing jet and blast through. The water pressure may reach up to 5000 PSI, although careful inspection and understanding of the specific pipe material, age, and condition will tell the technician how strong to make the blast.

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