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Sump Pump Raleigh Installation, Repair Sump Pumps

Sump pumps in Raleigh are very important to insttall if you have a sump pump failure


They need to be installed if sewers are below city sewers.

There are many different type of sump pumps


To know what sump pump you need and which one is right for you call us for service


If you own a house with a basement, then you are likely to be familiar with how rain affects a home. Having water in the basement represents a serious problem, especially if it happens several times per year. The cause for this is usually the fact that the basement is below the level of the local water table or you simply live in a zone that is prone to flooding. Investing in a sump pump can aid you in dealing with such issues and save you a lot of trouble. 


What is a sump pump?

A sump pump is a device meant to pump out any water that might gather in your basement. It can be connected to your main drainage system or it might simply redirect the water into a drain located outside your house. The purpose of a sump pump is to keep your house dry and prevent flooding from happening.


The risks of not installing a sump pump in Raleigh

There are several risks related to not having a sump pump, that might have a negative impact on your house and its proper maintenance.


#1 Flooding

Sump pumps can be viewed as a low-cost insurance policy when it comes to a house getting flooded. Even small floods can lead to unnecessary repairs costs, whilst items stored in your basement can get damaged seriously. Also, to clean the basement after flooding is a process that needs a lot of your time and we admit it is not pleasant at all. 

Hence, installing a sump pump can prevent these issues from happening, as the risk of getting a flooded basement diminishes drastically.


#2 Mold

When your basement gets constantly flooded, inevitably mold starts to develop. A sump pump is great for keeping the basement dry and preventing mold from occurring, which in the end will get you a safer house to live in, without health issues concerns.


#3 Electrical fires

Most houses have their central electrical system box located in the basement. Flooding can affect the walls in which the electrical wires are located, leading to an increased risk of electrical fires or circuits breaks.

Having a sump pump in your house can prevent such damage and even protect you from serious issues such as fires caused by short-circuiting your electrical system. 


How does a sump pump function?

Most of sump pumps available on the market function based on electricity, yet they can also come with alternative power sources such as battery backup, emergency generator or you can even opt for a water powered sump pump. 

Sump pumps require little to no maintenance, but we advise you to constantly check up on your device, just to make sure small technical issues are addressed quickly. Some sump pump maintenance tips include verifying the discharge line, removing debris or testing the pump from time to time. 


Are you considering installing a sump pump? 

This being said, if you are considering investing in a sump pump, you can schedule an appointment with us today. Our team of professionals is always ready to answer any queries you might have and advise you on what type of sump pump is best for your particular situation. 

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